Brake Rotor Vane Structures Variety

Every brake rotor is constructed with different vane structures to provide cooling efficiency. Brake rotors have inner vanes that are constructed with different patterns; straight, curved, pillar, etc. Each pattern distributes air circulation differently.

Most rotors can be drilled all the way through without any hardships. There are a few cases where the vanes are too complex or rotors are made factory with identical directional vanes on a matching pair of rotors. This results to making it difficult or impossible to make an even drilling pattern from a left and right brake rotor.  To drill through the vanes of brakes rotors can be harmful to the rotor construction. R1 Concepts machines their brake rotors with precision and makes sure vanes are not tampered during the drilling process. For that reason, it doesn’t degrade the integrity of the brake rotors and upholds the quality for a longer lasting rotor.

If a drilling complication occurs in the inner vane construction, there are other options of machining to provide performance with brake rotors. It can be machined slotted only or dimpled (drilled halfway through the rotor before it reaches the vanes)/slotted. It provides increased brake pad bite and helps reduce glazing from the pads. As a result, it will provide less chance of warping than standard blank rotors.


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