Awful Things People Put On Their Cars

The next time you go for a drive, look around and pay attention to the cars around you. It can be very entertaining to see all the weird, funny, and mostly awful things people put in and on their cars. Here are some of those worst things:

Fake Pair of Testicles


Taking self expression taken to another level. These are quite amusing at first until you see them on just about everything.  Now they're just annoying and awful.  Some states are now trying to ban these popular novelty items. Though I agree that its wrong to have these waving around where young children can easily see, there are far better choices  out there to spend state funds on.

Rear Wings/Spoilers



Wow, really? These are the perfect examples of  "Do Not Attempt." This is one of the top worst thing people put on their car, a spoiler that has no business being there. I guess the owner of the above van wanted it to stay level and steady. Because, you know, the G-force for going 50 mph in a van might make it flip backwards.  Awful!


Sticker, Stickers, Stickers Everywhere!



People, your car is not a photo album. You do not shame it by putting stickers  you find while visiting the dentists next to the Ferrari sticker, even though your car is a Honda. Unless you are being paid for all the advertising, please stop using your car for scrapbooking.


Ugly Wheels:




If you're going to spend your hard earn money on a nice sports car, for god sake, don't disrespect it by dressing it up with the world's ugliest wheels. The owner of the above Nissan 350z thought it would be cool to give it some "bling" and accent it well with yellow to match the sweet paint job. Ladies and gentlemen, the end result as you can see is the biggest eye sore ever. It reminds me of the little star ribbons I use to wrap gifts during Christmas.


Too Much Stuff Animals



I simply don't get this at all. I'm probably wrong but it pisses me off for no apparent reason every time I see a car fill half way with crappy cheap Hello Kitties, puppies, bears, rats, bugs, dinosaurs, the list can go on and on for days. Who knows, maybe they have such a large collection of stuff animals that there's literally no more space at home. Maybe they're just trying to be cute?  Whatever the reason may be, it should be against the law to have this much stuff animals while operation a moving vehicle. It could literally cause you to get into an accident. The obvious would be the ability to see. So enough ranting for now. This is my list of awful things people put on their cars. Feel free to share yours.

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  1. Martin November 10, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    HAHAHAH…. love this blog. Very entertaining and the same things that bugs you… also bugs me.

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