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R1’s Exhibit HIN – Night Shift at Pomona, CA on Saturday, August 9th

Hot Import Nights is expecting over 15k attendees this year for their ‘Night Shift‘ venue at the Pomona Fair Plex in Southern California.  Night Shift is not exclusive to Import Tuners, but varied range of rides from: imports, to low-riders, muscle machines, bikes, trucks and SUV’s.  So get your camera ready to take many picture […]

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Dodge Charger Brakes Rotors and Pads are same as the Dodge Magnum & Chrysler 300

FYI many of you didn’t know the brakes rotors and pads for the new gen Dodge Charger is the same body frame as the Dodge Magnum and the Chrysler 300(C).  Dodge Magnum (which is now out of production) and the Chrysler 300(C) majority of the automotive parts same to each other as well.  The only […]

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R1 Concepts not RL Concepts or RI Concepts

The “#1” in R1 Concepts, fools many people into thinking it’s RL Concepts or RI Concepts (Ri Concepts.)  It’s not the people fault, because we know the #1, also looks like the letter “L” and “I.”  Also, many of us forget the “Concepts” in “R1 Concepts” and use R1 brakes – R1 rotors or even […]

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The Dark Knight – Review: Definite Must See

After Steven B. did a rant blog about Heath Ledger, and his role as the Joker in the ‘The Dark Knight,’ I had to watch it right away.  I’m a old fan of Batman (who isn’t)!  Even though I didn’t read a lot of the comics, I watched the television series when they had Batman & Robin in tights.  […]

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Mercedes Directional Vane Brake Rotors

Many Mercedes Benz E500 (2003 and up) and other Benz Class Owners ask us:  How come you can’t drill and slot my rotors?   I’m here today to elaborate why we don’t, (but it’s not like we cannot.)  Many Mercedes Benz like the 2003+ E500, C55, C32, have rotors that come in a directional curve vane.  Example: As for many Mercedes […]

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HIN (Hot Import Night) Models Search for R1 booth

To all the hot ladies, R1 Concepts, Inc. is looking for female models to host at our exbihit booth for the HIN Nights Shift in Pomona Fair Plex, Califorinia on August 9th. All female applicants are welcome.  Price are negotiated via email/phone.  Ladies if you’re interest in hosting from around 5p.m. to 10p.m. on Saturday […]

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