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10 Things to do to the House before taking a Road Trip

Following up on the blog ‘10 Things to do before taking a Road Trip during the Holidays,‘ here are 10 things you should do to the house before leaving on the Road Trip. 1.  Water all necessary plants in the house. 2.  Supply additional food for pets, if any. 3.  Make sure all unnecessary appliances […]

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Criss Angel Believe Review

After a few Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, I had high expectations for Criss Angel’s ‘Believe.’ My first Vegas show was ‘La Reve,’ which had amazing water stunts.  The next show I watched after my next stay in Las Vegas was ‘Ka‘ and the whole stage was alive and moved in all angles.  The […]

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Posi Quiet Brakes Pads – Semi Metallic, Ceramic, or Extended Wear

Posi Quiet Brake Padsspeaks for itself.  The “Posi” in Posi Quiet brake pads means these pads are positive mold.  What the heck is positive mold?  Positive mold (Image #1 below) is a Original Equipment Manufacture process in making an OEM brake pad. In positive mold, the fictions material are highly compress into a brake pad […]

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Special Thanks! HIN – Night Shift & FunkMaster Flex

Just a quick shout out and special thanks for all those who helped and supported R1’s booth at Night Shift and FunkMaster Flex.  Team R1 you guys were great out there and looked hot sporting the black R1 shirts.  Great work with putting up the show together and helping all the attendees.  Thank you HIN […]

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R1’s Exhibit HIN – Night Shift at Pomona, CA on Saturday, August 9th

Hot Import Nights is expecting over 15k attendees this year for their ‘Night Shift‘ venue at the Pomona Fair Plex in Southern California.  Night Shift is not exclusive to Import Tuners, but varied range of rides from: imports, to low-riders, muscle machines, bikes, trucks and SUV’s.  So get your camera ready to take many picture […]

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FunkMaster Flex Show Tour in Anahiem – August 10th, 2008

R1 Concepts would like to announce that we will be having an exhibitor’s booth at the Funkmaster Flex customer car and bike show tour in Anaheim, California on Sunday, August 10th.  It will be held inside of the Anaheim’s Convention Center.   FunkMaster Flex is bringing out the hip-hop stars such as::  David Banner, Lupe Fiasco, […]

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