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Review: A Taste of 1989 – Remy Martin

I’m no expert at explaining taste of cognac, but I would like to share my experience.  The special occasion finally came and I got the chance to open up the bottle of Remy Martin 1989.  (What’s Remy Martin 1989?  Read my blog here.)  There were a couple of good friends over and we decided to […]

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My Most Exspensive Bottle of Cognac: Remy Martin 1989

Here’s a little F.Y.I. for those who don’t know about the term ‘Cognac.’  Cognac is a little town in France.  The are known for there special type of brandy.  In order to for a brandy to be called Cognac, French law requires special type of ingridents and aging that has to be in the brandy […]

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Martell Noblige Cognac

I missed out on a snow boarding trip to Mammoth this past weekend to attend a wedding.  Weddings are a lot of fun with great live bands, and good food.  Also can’t forget, the celebration of the bride and groom.  Usually each dinner table has a bottle of cognac.  Common ones I see all the […]

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Rants on “Street Fighter (the movie): Legend of Chun-Li”

Street Fighter from Capcom are coming out with two big release this year for their 20th anniversary in the making. One is the game sequel Street Fighter IV (4) as well as the movie Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. After hearing it on the radio, I had to check out the trailer (trailer video below.) […]

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No Texting while Driving in California

Have you seen those Amber Alert sign on freeway saying “No text messaging while driving.  Effective Jan 1.”  I drive all over the place in Southern California and saw these signs and wonder if they are going to pass another law like the Cellular Phone law. Text messaging has grown phenomenally these past few years.  […]

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Top Five Worst Christmas Gifts

A gift is something to be thankful for …but sometimes you receive those gifts that are just ‘eehhhh bad.  Here is my top five picks of bad Christmas presents.  Lets start with #5 being the least worse and #1 is the worse of them all. #5.  Hickory Sausages & Cheese – Don’t get me wrong, […]

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