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Don’t Drink Too Much And Drive Or Anything Else….

You don’t have to be drunk to be charged with a DUI. You just have to have a blood alcohol level of .08 or over (California) and bam, guilty for drunk driving. Each person’s blood alcohol content from drinking certain amounts of alcohol will vary, depending upon a number of factors. The main factor is […]

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The Ultimate Artery Clogger Worth Trying!

Most fast food hamburgers are loaded with fat and calories. Most burgers (no cheese) average about 400-800 calories. That is close to 1/3 of your daily calorie intake and we are not even counting fries and a drink to go with it. How about adding some cheese? How about two slices of bacon? Most bacon […]

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Gaming: Forza Motorsport 3 Preview

I am going to tell you something about me. Since I was a little kid, I have always been a car nut. I like reading about performance cars and like fixing them up. I have spent countless amount of money in my past cars and have no regrets at all. Most of the money went […]

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Health Nuts: The Right Way To Eat Fruit

Eating fruits everyday will optimize health and performance of the body. Most people believe by just eating fruits will benefit you in every way possible. True, but how effective is it? Are we eating our fruits the right way? I recently found out that there is a right way to eat fruits. Most of us […]

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Future Gadgets of The World

As technology evolves, it gets faster, convenient, smaller, and smarter. Take for instance, cell phones. Cell phones seems to evolve so fast. Almost every month there is a new cooler, faster, and smaller looking phone to hit the consumer market. Take a look at what will soon be in our hands, well wrist that is. […]

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09′ Alien Independence Paintball Gun: Straying Away From The Pack

I have to say that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot great guns. Most of my buddies got awesome guns and were willing for me to try them out when I ask to. I was able to shoot the likes of Ego, Geo, Victory, Pm8, luxes, you get the picture. All these […]

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