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Burger King Planning to Serve Beer!

Always like some alcohol with your food, I do. Nice cold beer usually goes great with many foods. Well, you can wish no longer (for some), based in Miami, Burger King has plans to serve value meals with beer in South Beach. They plan to call it the “Whopper Bar”. The Whopper Bar is opening […]

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Can You Guess What Restaurant This Is?

Can you guess what restaurant this is? Ok, I will give you a hint, its fast food… There food menu serves no buns… It is an American Franchise… If you gone this far without guessing what restaurant this is then I’ll just give you the answer. Yes, Pizza Hut! Can you believe it? Did you […]

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Vodka In A Pill!?

In Moscow, good news for vodka lovers as you can consume your favorite alcohol beverage without actually drinking it. Evgeny Moskalev, a Russian professor of St. Petersburg Technological University has expanded a technique that turns alcohol into powder and packing it into pills. This new technique can also solidify any kind of alcohol including whiskey, […]

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Finesse = Kobe

At times when I think of Micheal Jordan, it frustrates me to know that I was a bit too young and uninterested in the game of basketball during his prime era. Well, part of it was because I was a Laker fan and  it was all about the Lakers especially if you are a California […]

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Modern Warfare 2: Fastest Selling Game of All Time

I wasn’t surprise hearing predictions that MW2 will become the fastest selling video game of all time. But with the arrival of early data of sales, I was surprise on how much MW2 broke the previous record by. According to VGChartz day one preliminary sales including the midnight launches topped over 7 million copies worldwide […]

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Can You Handle One Slice Of Pizza?

Ever since I found out that I had some minor health issues, I started to exercise more and watch what I eat. Reading the nutrition facts is a real good habit of knowing what you put in your body. After I started reading nutrition facts, I’ve come to realize how fat our foods really are. […]

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