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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hair

Have you ever wonder what your hair is made of. Well, human hair is made from the same stuff found in your cats and dog’s claws, Horse hooves, bird feathers, and even antlers. The name for this body protein is keratin. As simple as hair can be it can be a way of representing one’s […]

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Top 5: Most Expensive Cars in the World

Top 5: Most Expensive Cars in the World   It’s hard to imagine that anyone will actually spend well over a million dollars on an automobile to have it sit in a garage most of the time. Majority of all the super cars sold and bought rarely exceeds 5,000 miles of driving. However, if you […]

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America’s Worst Highways

America’s Worst Highways     The reality is that Americans spend nearly 169,278 hours stuck in traffic each year. With all the hours wasted in traffic, 120,127 gallons of gas are also wasted. Here are some notable most traffic-clogged roads and highways.   Los Angeles 101 to I-405   This interchange is amongst the worst […]

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Donate a car to charity and get a great tax deduction and free up some garage or driveway space. This may sound simple enough but before you hand over that car or truck consider these useful tips.   Stay away from the middlemen: When you watch TV you might notice commercials by various organizations offering […]

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Internet Explorer 8: Surf the Web without Leaving a Trail

Internet privacy is an ongoing battle between advertisers and consumers. This battle might be coming to an end with Microsoft’s latest innovation with their Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 is currently in beta testing phase. Basically, IE8 has a feature called InPrivateBlocking which let users surf the internet without leaving a list of websites […]

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OMG, Bernie Mac is Dead!

Bernie Mac, winner of countless awards and nominations for his role in “The Bernie Mac Show” is one of the best comedian that ever lived. His humor is often crude and can be offensive but there is a lot of truth in his acts. He also starred and guest starred in over 27 major Hollywood […]

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