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Why I Sometimes Hate People!

 Why I Sometimes Hate People! When I was growing up, my mom would always tell me to respect other people. She would preach to me not to judge people because I don’t know them and I don’t know where they’ve been. She would tell me to treat others how I would like to be treated. These are great words to […]

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Recently Discovered Animal and Plant Species

The human race is advancing rapidly.  With modern advancements and technology comes the destruction of many animal species and plants.  Green and conservation groups will be the first ones tell you about the decline of these particular plants and animals.  Luckily for us, these same groups are discovering new species every single day.  It is encouraging that […]

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A Florida Man Loses Penis After Surgery

Here’s some interesting news that caught my attention: CBS reports that a South Florida man, Enrique Milla is suing his doctor after having his penis removed because of complications from a penile implant. He and his wife are suing for pain and suffering and other damages. Milla, who is 62 had discuss with his doctor about having […]

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Keeping It Real: Celebrities and Models without make-up

Day-in and day-out,  you are bombarded with images of beautiful, flawless skinned, perfect hair, and perfect feature celebrities and models on TV ads, magazines, and billboards. You might even find yourself pondering thoughts such as, “geez, I wish I look like her, ” “I wish my hair was like that,” or “I wish my skin was like hers.” Heres the […]

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Lexus LF-A: A Toyota Car for Lamborghini Dollars?

The giant automakers of Japan are in a supercar frenzy. Many of you are aware of buzz around the Nissan GT-R, dub the ”Godzilla” of Japanese supercar. Also, Honda had plans for a 550hp NSX supercar  but never continue with its development and has been wiped off the table. Well, another monster is in the midst. Let me introduce to […]

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Eye Candy: Hot Car show Girls and Sizzling Babes!

So what goes together better than peanutbutter and jelly, butter and toast, cookies and milk, or even coffee and cream? No matter how you look at it, how you feel about it, or what your views on it are, hot cars and hot girls go hand-in-hand. It’s Summer time and it’s hotter than hell’s kitchen […]

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