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A Florida Man Loses Penis After Surgery

Here’s some interesting news that caught my attention: CBS reports that a South Florida man, Enrique Milla is suing his doctor after having his penis removed because of complications from a penile implant. He and his wife are suing for pain and suffering and other damages. Milla, who is 62 had discuss with his doctor about having […]

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Keeping It Real: Celebrities and Models without make-up

Day-in and day-out,  you are bombarded with images of beautiful, flawless skinned, perfect hair, and perfect feature celebrities and models on TV ads, magazines, and billboards. You might even find yourself pondering thoughts such as, “geez, I wish I look like her, ” “I wish my hair was like that,” or “I wish my skin was like hers.” Heres the […]

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Lexus LF-A: A Toyota Car for Lamborghini Dollars?

The giant automakers of Japan are in a supercar frenzy. Many of you are aware of buzz around the Nissan GT-R, dub the “Godzilla” of Japanese supercar. Also, Honda had plans for a 550hp NSX supercar but never continue with its development and has been wiped off the table. Well, another monster is in the midst. Let me introduce to […]

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Top 5: Most Expensive Cars in the World

Top 5: Most Expensive Cars in the World   It’s hard to imagine that anyone will actually spend well over a million dollars on an automobile to have it sit in a garage most of the time. Majority of all the super cars sold and bought rarely exceeds 5,000 miles of driving. However, if you […]

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OMG, Bernie Mac is Dead!

Bernie Mac, winner of countless awards and nominations for his role in “The Bernie Mac Show” is one of the best comedian that ever lived. His humor is often crude and can be offensive but there is a lot of truth in his acts. He also starred and guest starred in over 27 major Hollywood […]

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Get More, Pay less: The Five Cheapest Cars You Can Buy

Get More, Pay less: The Five Cheapest Cars You Can Buy With all the adjustments in our economy people are switching to cheaper alternatives. A few years ago one might consider a mid-sized sedan with all the bells and whistle. Now, any bottom of the barrel car with 4 wheels and a warranty will do. […]

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