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Check Out These Exotic Pets

Many people have pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. These animals can be loving, fun, playful, become part of the family.  These are usual pets you would see in almost any household who loves animals.  There are people who are really financially well off and don’t care to have ordinary pets they don’t want […]

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What’s Wrong With Your Car and What Needs to be Fixed?

There are signals to tell you what may be wrong with your vehicle and what parts need to be replaced. I’ve had two used, older vehicles over 100,000 miles and one exceeding over 200,000 miles. These are a few natural problems that usually happen once the vehicle gets older. If you ever walk into your car, […]

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Did You Think Michael Jordan Had It Easy? Think Again.

  Everyone knows how great a basketball player Michael Jordan was, but did you know about his 6 year struggle to win his first championship ring and become known as the best basketball player in NBA history.  During Michael Jordan’s first season in the NBA, he was averaging 28.2 ppg on 51.5% shooting. He quickly became […]

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Cars That Made TV Shows, Movies Cool

I remember when I was a kid waking up at 6am just to watch cartoons. I remember one of my favorite shows was, Transformers. How cool was cars transforming into machine robots. I also watched a show called Speed Racer. A kid teaming up with his fast, high tech car.      When I grew […]

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The USA Mens Basketball Team has struggled to beat teams around the world. The American NBA consists of the most talented players to play the game. Players from other countries like Europe, China, and more hope to have a chance to play and compete in the NBA. It would be a privilege to have a […]

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Time for a new car? Too Busy, Not Sure, Let Auto Brokers help you

A person may have worked long hours and are tired after work. Then one day his/her car breaks down and it costs an “arm and a leg” to repair it.  A person would probably rather purchase a new vehicle. The hardest parts is to make time to go to the dealership and then tries to […]

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