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Without Andrew Bynum, Does Lakers Still Have a Chance at the Championship?

On January 31, 2009, Kobe Bryant was driving to the basket for a shot, came down falling back onto Andrew Bynum’s knee, injuring Lakers starting center. As a result,  Bynum was diagnosed with a torn medial collateral ligament and will miss 8-12 weeks.   Andrew Bynum was averaging 14pts, 8.2 rebounds, 1.9 blocks  a game […]

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Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

These days money is tight because of declining economy.  Many people are affected by this to save money, spend less, and spend their money more wisely. But there are some expenses a person can’t avoid like rent, mortgage, food, and especially gas for your vehicle. With gas prices fluctuating and at one time almost reaching […]

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Christmas, Best Savings to Shop, But May be Dangerous!

During the Christmas season, many shoppers rush out to find the best deal possible. Sometimes being around desperate shoppers and surrounded by people with the same intentions can be quite harmful. These are a few bad incidents around the Christmas shopping season There have been increased incidents of attempted robbery of women handbags during the […]

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Are prices of Cars Increasing?

Unfortunately, yes. Like everything else, prices have increased. For instance, food prices have gone up. Going to the grocery store bills has increased. I remember going to a fast food restaurant like Carl’s Jr. and getting a combo for under $5, and now a combo is about 7-8 dollars. The most noticeable increase for everyday […]

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Check out these Amazing Deep Ocean Creatures

 There are many different species in the world. People have tried to explore the open lands and discovered many different creatures. The ocean water covers about 75 percent of Earth. As you reach deeper into the ocean, the water pressure increases, the surroundings become pitch black and water temperature is at near freezing. In these […]

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Interesting Delicacies Around the World

If you live in one country your whole life and believe you have ate everything different you can think of, you havent been around the world. Once you travel, there are many different types of food you can choose from that you would love and some that would disgust you.  If you have a weak stomach […]

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