A Florida Man Loses Penis After Surgery

Here’s some interesting news that caught my attention:

CBS reports that a South Florida man, Enrique Milla is suing his doctor after having his penis removed because of complications from a penile implant. He and his wife are suing for pain and suffering and other damages.

Milla, who is 62 had discuss with his doctor about having a penile implant for his sexual dysfunction. After consulting with a urologist he went ahead with the procedure. After the surgery, Milla developed severe infections that caused his penis to become gangrenous. As a result, it had to be removed.

According to Millas’ attorney, “Mr. Milla has uncontrolled diabetes and it is absolutely, 100 percent, contraindicated – which means it should not be done on anyone with uncontrolled diabetes because diabetics have a rate of infection (higher) than people who don’t have diabetes.” “The man will live the rest of his life without his penis.” “When he has to urinate, he has to sit down and urinate like a woman. He can’t go to the beach. He can’t make love to his wife. He has not worked since the procedure. He’s basically living his life in complete seclusion.”

I don’t want to discriminate but he is old and knows that he has uncontrolled diabetes  and I’m pretty sure that the doctor discussed the dangers of the surgery with him. He made a choice, an unfortunate bad choice and shouldn’t be suing the doctor. But I guess in any tragedy, blaming and fingering pointing is a must.

Still, I can’t help but to feel sad for the old guy. However, this shouldn’t keep him from going to the beach as his attorney claims but that is the least of his problems. Come on, having to sit to pee and not being able to make love to your wife naturally, that is just terrible…terrible.


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