99-02 Jeep Grand Cherokee, ATE or Akebono?

For all of you 99-02 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners, purchasing front brake pads can be a difficult task if you do not know what kind of calipers you vehicle is equiped with.  You were probably asked if you had ATE or Akebono front calipers.  Only the front brake pads would be different for each caliper. Front and rear rotors and rear pads would be the same.  Probably the best soulution on figuring out what caliper you have is to look through the wheel and look at the caliper itself.  They are slightly different front each other.  The Akebono calipers look slightly larger while the ATE caliper has what looks like a metal wire or clip that is under the pistons.  By looking at the pads, they look completly different.  You can now see why it is very important to know what caliper you have to get the correct pads for that model of Jeep Grand Cherokee.



Akebono Caliper and Pads




ATE Caliper and pads

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