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742 Marketing Presents: Amsoil Race Wars : Irwindale, CA 2015 Coverage

The Fast and Furious Franchise is and will always be known as the movie that made a lot of what we do possible. We could probably go as far as to say, it was the automotive industry revival that brought so many more to not only be in the know of automotive tuning, but also inspired so many to get involved and become an automotive enthusiast. Race Wars was first presented in the original 2001 film, where it was the race everyone prepped for. Rows of cars were lined up to race, with a car show happening in the background. It was also seen in Furious 7 and a few R1 Equipped rides were on display for the car show. 



With Irwindale Speedway in the news lately with rumors of closing down, it only seemed fitting to have the event there as it is the home to many Nascar, Formula Drift, and Drag Race Events. 742 Marketing wanted to bring the event home to Southern California where most of the nation considers the Automotive Mecca when it comes to tuning and car shows. 






Lots of vendors, loads of show cars, drag racing in full effect throughout the day, full on media presence with Fox 11 News, this was definitely an event to be remembered. Paul Walker was a Brother to everyone, whether you knew him or not, he has a place in all our hearts and it was only fitting that this event was in honor of him and that some of the proceeds went to his organization Reach Out Worldwide.



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