2010 Shelby Ford Mustang v. 2010 Chevy Camaro SS

Since Edmonds ran the 2010 Ford Mustang GT against the 2010 Chevy Camaro SS, the Mustang fans have cried out for a more “fairer” fight.   Nevermind that the Mustang GT and Camaro SS is the classic muscle car match up when you compare the sticker price of $30,995 for both.

What about the 2010 Shelby GT 500? Recently, Motortrend ran the two cars against each other.  Is this a fair fight on paper?  No its not. Shelby’s $50,000 GT500 makes 540 supercharge horsepower; compared with 426 naturally aspirated horse power of the $33,000 Chevy Camaro SS.

Motortrend’s Results:

Camaro SS – 12.9 sec @ 110.7 mph
Shelby Mustang – 12.8 sec @ 115.3 mph

Not suprisingly with an extra 114hp, the Shelby Mustang wins, crossing the finish line 29ft ahead of the Camaro.  Off the line the Ford GT500 had a real hard time hooking up its rock hard GoodYear Eagle tires.   With GoodYear Parelli rubber, and more manageable power, the Camaro takes a early lead.  But once the supercharge Shelby gets some traction, its pretty much over for the Camaro.  If it’s power that want, you get what you paid for with the Shelby Mustang (that’s $580 per foot).

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