2000 Honda Accord V6 Pros and Cons

We are now in 2008, but I must to tell you my daily grinder to work has yet to fail me.  I drive a white 2000 Honda Accord V6 to work every day, and I have put 120K miles on this car and it’s still running like a champ.  I have ran into a couple problems such as the transmission slipping on me, but after getting that fix, I have not encountered any other major problems.  Gas mileage is not too bad, and maintenance on this car is fairly cheap.  I can tell you with the abuse that I put on this car, no other car can actually last this long.


- Low cost on maintenance.

- Still maintain a trendy look.

- Roomy back seats and trunk space.

- V6 engine, but doesn’t need to take Premium Gas.

- Solid Suspensions.


- There is no 5 speed on the V6 version.

- Sound system and LX rims are cheesy.

- No Traction Control.

- Transmission will last up to only 100k miles.

- Road Noise.


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