10 Ways to Budget Money during Christmas Shopping

  1. Make your own gifts: Gifts from the heart is always more sentimental.
  2. Cash Back: Always try to use the cash back programs to maximize the amount you’ll be getting back.
  3. Internet Deals: Use search engines such as pricegrabber.com and fatwallet.com to look for great deals and free shipping.
  4. Coupons: If you plan to shop online or in stores, always check for coupon deals online.
  5. Price adjustment: Watch out for price adjustments after purchasing the product, sales price might drop, so save your receipt to get the difference.
  6. Extended Warranty: If you’re planning to buy electronics devices, DO NOT get the extended warranty, most of electronics comes with a standard 1-3 years from the manufacturers.
  7. Open new accounts: If you can save 10-20% for opening up a new department store card,  Why Not? Every bit counts!
  8. Plan ahead: It doesn’t hurt to buy gifts 2 to 3 months in advance if you see something on sale for a great price. This can save you the hassle of the holiday season rush and gives you plenty of time to figure out what to get for whom.
  9. Wrap your own gifts: Don’t pay for gift wrapping service, when you can do it yourself and save a bundle. You can probably wrap way nicer than any service anyways.
  10. **** Shop at the 99 Cent Discount stores and everybody can get a gift!

Happy Holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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