09′ Alien Independence Paintball Gun: Straying Away From The Pack

I have to say that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot great guns. Most of my buddies got awesome guns and were willing for me to try them out when I ask to. I was able to shoot the likes of Ego, Geo, Victory, Pm8, luxes, you get the picture. All these guns are sweet in there own ways, depending on your style is how you would list what you prefer is best but let me tell you its not going to be an easy task.

So why I am thinking of going with 2009 Alien Independence marker which I never tried before… I don’t know, ha ha! Maybe because it is unique gun. It’s unique patented technology is like no other poppet gun in the market. From what I have read on the 09′ Indy have been mostly good reviews. Most of the time people are comparing the 09′ Indy to the EGOs. Most of these reviews are bias depending on where the source is coming from, I say its a coin toss.  Well let me break down the specs for you. Stay tune for a review as I might be buying this gun.

The difference between the Alien Independence and other “High End” markers

The Sweep System directs the air under and around the ball, sweeping it forward. The sweep system imparts a backspin; this backspin has a gyroscopic effect that results in a flatter, narrower and longer shot. In baseball terms it’s the difference between throwing knuckle balls and fastballs.
The Alien Independence was designed and made to be, light strong and very low maintenance. The Independent Ram separates the Ram from the gun body; allowing for the connecting metal to be removed, for a lighter gun. Careful inspection shows that the Independence has thicker walls than similar guns and Independence has a strong solid feel. The Independent Ram is also is easier to service and tech than other poppet valve guns; is quieter and has less kick than many of them. Compared to Spool valve markers Independence is lighter, thinner, and more air efficient, needs less maintenance and is decidedly easier to service.

Electro-pneumatic, FASOR or electric sear trippers? Poppet valve or spool valve?
Alien Markers are fully electro-pneumatic (no spring returns) and use poppet valves.

Right at two pounds, that’s with a barrel, regulator and bottle adapter.

Thread type?

What is the LPR operating pressure?
Around 70 lbs.

How air efficient is it?
1,800 to 2,000 shots is the reasonable range to expect.

(Info provided by www.alienpb.com)

(pictures provided by www.alienog.com)


2009 Independence, black with white accents

2009 Independence as seen at the '09 HB USPL event (photo credit: jlj37592  via PBN)

Platinum and Gold accent 2009 Independence

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